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Best Photographs of The Week 7

Best of Photo of the Week – Week 7


Each week the picture editor of the ISP Collective brings you a selection of photo highlights from ISP Collective Instagram hashtag #ISPcollective. Here are favorites from this week. Edited by @hadi_nik@aizadfadzli

One of the most challenging things in photography is to choose our best photos. It is easy to click the shutter. But to “edit” (select our best work) is heart-wrenching. We often need to learn how to “kill our babies” and disconnect our personal memories of the back-story of a photo (to judge whether it is a good shot or not). 

Street photography is one of the most difficult, random, and challenging forms of photography out there. You can’t control whether you capture a decisive moment or not, you can’t control the look of the subjects, the light, or all these external factors. You can only control your positioning, and when to click the shutter.

But the thing you have 100% control over is which photos to share and which photos not to share.

Photographer: Grego Antonino, Arsenic Junior, Darren O’ Brien, Andi Pratama, Sukowisesa Pratyeka, Pracha Tanaroek, Prosanjit Kumar, Anita Hadi, Xenophon Karakalos

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