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ISP Collective – Street Photography Collective (sometimes known as ISP and Invisible Street Photography) is an international group of photographers that operates as a collective. ISP Collective was established in 2018 by a group of like-minded photographers dedicated to street photography from around South East Asia. ISP Collective is a collective of mutual passion and thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the street, a respect for what is going on.desire to transcribe it visually.


ISP Collective – Invisible Street Photography is an evolving collective which recognize fresh talent. The intent is to provide a platform for emerging photographers to showcase their works, to create opportunities, open a new door and as a way of sharing ISP Collective members output, research for projects, themes, ideas, within the collective as well as across the wider international photographic scene. While all members have well developed diverse personal styles and visions, ISP Collective members committed to working collaboratively in parallel with personal and professional work.  The subject explored is broad, in terms of concept, styles, and technique. We want to explore the limits and possibilities. ISP Collective is born from an education imperative, we want to motivate our members and followers to do better and promote on an international platform. ISP Collective intends to offer sensible, informed insight of what’s happening in the street photography world, we also aim to offer the necessary tools for dialogue, collaboration and idea exchange regarding street photography. ISP Collective is dedicated to publishing an in-depth exhibition, interview, and workshops.


ISP Collective – Invisible Street Photography’s growth is curated and works on a nomination system in which current group members nominate potential new membership on an annual basis.

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